Wild life tours for photo and film projects

– for musk ox (Dovrefjell national park) and wild reindeer (Forollhogna national park)

Season: summer, autumn and winter: From June until August and until April

Prizes on request. From € 500 per day for wildlife guiding.

Number of people: from 1 person.

Recommended duration: 3-6 days.

Available number of wildlife guides: 1-3

Language: English, German, Norwegian


Accommodation is available in tent, cabins, farms or hotel. For transport and fieldwork it is possible to use sled dogs and skies in winter. Hiking and horse riding in summer.

All trips needs permission from the National park management, which is provided by separate application for each trip. Trips must by planned in advance (minimum 2-3 months ahead).

dovrefjell national park , norway, february,

Outlet of outdoor equipment

– Fjellpulken explorer 168
– Hilleberg tent, sleeping bags, reindeer skinns, primus
– Skies, canoe, snowshoes, tent, backpacks etc. etc.
– Trailer, 6w-quad, snowmobiles


Previous productions:

“Wild Wonders of Europe – mission Forollhogna”, 2008
“Nordic Variations”.2008. Production – FollowFocus & Editions Kobalann
“Scandinavie – l’appel du Nord”, 2013 with Vincent Munier. Production for Bonne Pioche Television – France 2
“The Seasons”, 2014, Production for Galatée Films, Director – Jaques Perrin

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