Nordic Variations – Mission Forollhogna

A web documentary about photographing wild reindeers in Forollhogna National Park – “In the footsteps of Vincent Munier”

This interactive programme is about the first expedition achieved by photographer Vincent Munier, in Forollhogna National Park. A day to day quest, like a multimedia log book. Throughout the trip, following the lead of wild reindeers…

“Day seven. Some pictures I could enjoy, at last!
A herd moving in the automnal setting of the tundra, this old male going away, late at night…
And we can expect some weather changes in the next few days. Dark sky, cold wind…
The colours turn to gray. Winter is coming.” – Vincent Munier

Thru the webdocumentary you can follow Vincent on two routes in Forollhogna, with different stories. When Following the stories you will discover the great wild nature in Forollhogna. Enjoy!

Nordic Variations – Mission Forollhogna – webdocumentary

“While working as manager of the Forollhogna development project 2005-2012, it was a pleasure to work with Vincent and Laurent making the fieldwork for this webdocumentary. As result you can see a very nice presentation of the nature in Forollhogna National Park, presented both with still photos and series of videos. Also thank’s to the local guide Stein Kaasin and all other locals for helping the team making the fieldwork in 2008.” – Tomas Lillehagen


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