Les saisons – Mission de la Norvège – Le boeuf musqué et rennes sauvages – behind the scenes

Reindeer runing screenshot les Saisons.jpg

Screenshot – official trailer – Les Saisons – Galatee Films


Mission de la Norvège – Le boeuf musqué et rennes sauvages – 2014


By – Tomas Lillehagen, global logistics, organization and Wildlife guiding


A phonecall 2013..
Vincent Steiger: “Galatée Film want to film the change in nature since the last ICE AGE in Europe. Tomas – is it possible to make scenes from the ICE AGE in Norway ?”
Tomas: “Off course. Let’s make this happen!”

Les saisons – The Seasons,  a documentary film by Galatée Films, producers – Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud.

DSC_3281_949_Tomas Lillehagen.JPG

Wildlife guide Tomas Lillehagen was engaged in the process of making the opening scenes of this movie, organising the setup for the filmcrew and guiding them into the wild…keywords: ice, snow, storm, musk oxes and reindeers!

To see the official trailer, see below.

A few “behind the scene’s” photos from the making of Les Saisons:

DSC_2958_808_Tomas Lillehagen.JPG

DSC_3001_848_Tomas Lillehagen.JPG

Jerôme Bouvier and Guillaum Chamerat setting up the small camera, filming musk ox in Norway 2014 – Les Saisons.

DSC_2966_815_Tomas Lillehagen.JPG

DSC_3004_851_Tomas Lillehagen.JPG

DSC_3054_889_Tomas Lillehagen.JPG

This movie will be screened at the cinemaes in France from 27.th January in 2016.

GALATÉE Films is a French cinematographic company founded and led by producer, director & actor Jacques Perrin.

Les Saisons – Bande-annonce officielle HD:



Official webpage: http://www.lessaisons-lefilm.com


EN: At the end of the Ice Age, 15 000 years ago, the cycle of seasons was reborn and avast forests invade the continent followed by countless wild animals. The film follows them according to climate change in Europe under the growing influence of men. From the den of wolves hidden deep in the primary forest to the heart of major cities, The Seasons is a source of wonder and carries the hopes of a possible reconciliation with our planet neighbors.”

FR: A la fin de l’âge de glace, il y a 15 000 ans, le cycle des saisons renaît et d’immenses forêts envahissent le continent que s’approprient d’innombrables animaux sauvages. Le film les suit au gré des changements climatiques dans une Europe sous l’influence croissante des hommes. De l’antre du loup caché au plus profond de la forêt primaire jusqu’au cœur des grandes cités, Les Saisons est une source d’émerveillement et porte l’espoir d’une possible réconciliation avec nos « voisins de planète ».

DSC_3274_942_Tomas Lillehagen.JPG

1957661_10151894130782032_709604416_o Terje Dahlen
Musk ox calf covered by ice and snow. Maybe he was lucky to find his herd again!

Høgsnyta, Dovrefjell, moskus

Dovrefjell National parc, Ovibus


DSC_3064_897_Tomas Lillehagen.JPG


DSC_2920_774_Tomas Lillehagen.JPG


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