A photographer by the fireplace

Photographer at fireplace

The movie “Scandinavie – l’appel du Nord” was first time shown at the France 2 (tv) last sunday (14.th Oct 2014).

A film by Laurent Joffrion and Vincent Munier.

Global logistics and Wildlife guiding by Tomas Lillehagen.

In the footsteps of Vincent Munier:

“More than the quest for an animal, it will be this time setting out to conquer an environment that opens up the far north: the tundra. In the diversity of these northern habitats live animals emblematic of the old continent: elk, reindeer, musk oxen, capercaillie … Many relict species from another era, that of the last ice age. As many games, obviously, to put in images.”

Interview with Vincent and Joffrion – Wild Touch

Hopefully the english version will be released soon! Can’t wait..

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A peak from within reindeer herders daily life..

Photo - Tomas Lillehagen

Photo – Tomas Lillehagen

Domestic reindeers in Trollheimen mountains, with a bit of an artistic touch!

IMG_8205_630_Tomas Lillehagen

Photo – Tomas Lillehagen

IMG_8216_641_Tomas Lillehagen

Photo – Tomas Lillehagen

IMG_8284_699_Tomas Lillehagen

Photo – Tomas Lillehagen

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Land of the Ovibus

Land of the Ovibus

Photo taken on first trip with Vincent Munier in 2008, on a mission for Wild Wonders of Europe.
Copyright – Tomas Lillehagen

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